Ironman World Championships

frontIt’s almost time!  What I’ve been doing in training for the past year is almost here.  Those tears of sweat of my skin and eyes, the injuries, the never ending muscle soreness…  This Saturday, October 8, is the World Championships of Ironman.  The top 1% are represented here, having earned it through the performance at other Ironman performances.

How did I get in?  Back when I was training, I was thinking a sprint or Olympic size triathlon, maybe a half Ironman.  Never did I think a full Ironman.  That would be crazy – 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride that was tough, and 26.2 mile run (a marathon).  By the end of June, I had already done a sprint triathlon, an Olympic size triathlon, and two half Ironmen.  At the encouragement of my coach and others, and a large part my insanity, I entered a physically challenged category drawing put on by Ironman.  And I won!  I’m definitely not 1%.

So, there you have it.  An older man who does not like to run, who couldn’t run one mile a year ago, who had a serious stroke in 2012, entered.  And he will be starting the Ironman World Championships.  That is a victory in itself!bike

I hope to finish!  The bike is my weakness and there is a time limit.  If things are looking favorably, I should make it.  Pray that my body will cooperate with me!  My right leg, of course, is giving me problems.

I could not come so far had it not been some generous people: Rick Rubio, coach, who volunteered his time; Grant and Janet Miller from Bike Works Kona, who gave a Specialized Shiv bike; Francois Cote, TurboMed Orthotics; and many more listed on Team Kevin.  Thank you all!

Stroke Survivors CAN!



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