A New Year!

As I think back on the 2016, I can hardly believe it.  So much has happened!  From swimming to biking to running races, triathlons, to marathons, it seems like a dream.  From being an office worker, and then couch potato, I didn’t know I had it in me.  And now that I know, I will keep it up sporting wise, because I love it, and to let people know, as always, stroke survivors CAN!  Too often, I hear stories of stroke survivors giving up on life.  True, there is a grieving process that needs to be gone through, but don’t lose hope and a striving for a new purpose in life.

Thanks to all who sponsored me last year with hours volunteering, cash, services, goods, discounts, and kind words!  Your generosity touched many people.  So, when I keep on hearing my story and my hard work is such an inspiration, both from stroke survivors and others, you played an essential part!

January, I moved to Honolulu to be with my wife (woo hoo)!  Talk about a change of scenery from Kona to Honolulu.  So far, I have had a challenge in finding long stretches of road in which to ride my bike (while being relatively safe) and finding water suitable to long swims.  I had made friends, too, both socially and in the world of triathlons.  I hope to get into a training group, too, especially in biking!

Events I’m entered in so far includes Lavaman Olympic size triathlon (Kona) and Hapalua Half Marathon (Honolulu) in April, Honolulu Triathlon (Olympic size) in May, and Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Kona) and Rock and Roll Half Marathon (Seattle) in June.  I’m still undecided about the World Championships Ironman in October (Kona).  One, I want to see my bike time improve, and two, my name needs to a drawn.  In December, I am entered in the Honolulu Marathon.

Finally, I would like to touch base with you about Stroke Survivors CAN, a nonprofit I’m starting designed to let stroke survivors who are interested in participating in non contact sporting events.  I known first hand the expenses while trying to live on Social Security Disability, and were it not by a generous people, I would not have gotten so far!  Be on the look out for when that is officially launched!

Stroke Survivors CAN!


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