Honolulu Triathlon Recap

Honolulu Triathlon Recap

May 14, 2017.  I woke up in plenty of time, 0’Dark AM.  For a short time, I wanted to go back to sleep; the sheets were calling my name!  I resisted and got ready.  Breakfast, if you can it that, was liquid form, jogged a mile before leaving the condo, checked my gear, got in car the car and started to head out, had go back to the condo because I forgot the race number, and finally, I left at 4:45 AM.  I was planning to leave at 4…

I arrived there on time, but not enough time to warm up swimming.  Oh, well…  I kept on telling myself it was okay, that I made it, and I’m doing it for stroke survivors!  It also help that I ran across a fellow stroke survivor who was doing it.


Swim Portion: I had purposed to take my swim nice and easy, and I did, and I recorded 30:22.  1500 meters along side other participants is, well, interesting.  Swimming is a non-contact sport, right?  Not when you’re in a triathlon!  Gratefully, nobody swam over me (I did, though… Sorry), but I did have put up with many arms and legs.

Transition One: This is where with I had throw off my speed suit covering up my tri suit, rinse my feet after running through sand, drink, and get on my bike.  An abysmal 6:26.

Bike Portion:  This one I was most curious about.  As you may already know, the bike portion is my weakest.  I kept a good pace without killing myself, I didn’t crash (and I didn’t have anyone crash into me), and I did 40 km in 1:14:55, a 20 mph average.  A noted improvement!

Transition Two: This is where I rack my bike, change of out biking shoes into my running shoes.  The brace keeps it slow for me, and that’s okay.  But I had trouble putting on my shoes.  6:09.

Run portion:  I kept telling myself a take it easy until the last half of the 10 km run, I am did that mostly.  I started with 11:35 for the first mile, 9 something for the next 4 miles, and 8:46 for the last mile.  Other that the first mile, I’m happy that.  58:43 was my run time.

So, I finished with 2:56:35, and I was glad because I set my time to break 3 hours, even though it was a flat course.  I got 463 place out of over 1300 participants, and 18/38 place for my division.  Clearly, I’m improving and I have room to grow!

Next Up:  Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu), June 3.  This is a half Ironman consisting of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 run.  It will be tough because the hills on the bike ride, a half marathon, plus the heat.  I did it before, barely making the bike cut off time.  We’ll see!

As always,

Stroke Survivors CAN!


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