Steve August Fall Sprint Triathlon

The IMG_20180914_120528509_HDRSteve August Fall Sprint Triathlon was held over two days, a first for me.  No pressure, woke at a reasonable time, and I could go all out!  In short, I was going to have fun while challenging my limits.

Before I go on, this needs to be said.  I do the “races” for several reasons, all holding importance to me.  I do it the give inspiration for stroke survivors.  I do it the give empowerment to stroke survivors.  (Thank you for the kind and supporting feedback you have given to me!)  And, I do it because I like participating in triathlon and running events.  Stroke Survivors CAN!

Thanks, as well, to the Treasure Valley Family YMCA for putting this on and for offering me a discount helping make my participating possible!  Thanks, too, for all the volunteers who make events like this possible!  Thanks for my sponsors TurboMed Orthodics with makes my foot brace, and Rudy Project which supplies my helmets and sunglasses!

Friday, I participated in a swim, a 750 yard affair held at the YMCA’s pool.  I biked 4 miles to the West Boise YMCA where I did some light abs workout and swam 500 yards to warm up.  Because I didn’t have to “save” myself for the bike or the run, I could go all out.  Remembering with my friend/coach, Karlyn Pipes said to me about arm spacing and shallow strokes, after a ten minutes rest, I found my lane, introduced myself the lane counter, and off I went at 12:30 in the afternoon.  I was hoping for 15 minutes.  I was surprised at the end of my swim to hear 12:30!  Good for me.

Saturday, I woke up at 5:30 AM, had coffee, and ran one mile to get my body up.  Then, I had an English muffin, peanut butter, and liquid nutrition.  Packing my stuff into the car, along with my bike, an S-Works Shiv, given by one of my old sponsors, Bike Works of Kona, Hawaii, I headed off the venue, a twenty minute drive.  Nice!!

After arrival, one of the first things I did was go on a short bike ride to make sure everything was in working order, and it was.  After unpacking my stuff in the transition area, I waited, spending time with another past Kona resident and himself an excellent triathlon, Jim Moore.

Because of the novelty of being two days, I figured I would go out hard on the bike and hope for best on the run.  I had been struggling with getting out of the 16 mph range, and I was later surprised that my average pace was just under 20 mph for all 20 kilometers!  38.16 time on the bike.

Next up was the run.  After spending 2+ minutes in the transition area, spending a considerable time with the orthodic devise needed to help with my right foot drop, I was ready.  Breathing was labored during this first part of the run, mostly because I had just gotten off the my bike, I had assumed. I was wrong, but I continued on to do 25:13 for 5 kilometers.  I pleasantly was surprised!

I had completed a half Olympic sized triathlon in 1:18:56.  I was stoked by my improvement on the three disciplines!  I challenged my limits, and I learned something.  I might be tired on the bike, and my breathing might be labored on the run, but go “fast” anyway!  Previously, when I would get tired biking or I felt I was out of breath, I would slow down.  That was my mind playing tricks on me.  I’ve got to be brave to challenge my limits!

Stroke Survivors CAN (inspire, empower, and be brave)!


Ironman 70.3 Boulder

Thanks for making this possible!